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The first half of this year, Xiamen tourism attract nearly 30 billion

Date: 2013-07-15

It is understood thatthe first half ofXiamenreceived10,978,700foreign touristsovernighttrips,accounting for50.85%of the total numberreceived, an increase of13.46%;receptionday tripsdomestic and foreign tourists10,609,800passengers, accounting for49.15%of the total numberreceived, angrowth of15.78%.Domestic tourists20,451,000passengers, accounting for94.73%of the total numberreceived, an increase of15.09%,whichovernightdomestictourists10,181,300passengers, an increaseof 14.23%;day tripsdomestic tourists10,269,700passengers, anincrease of16.07%.Inbound tourists1,137,500passengers, accounting for5.27% ofthe total numberreceived, an increase of6.24%, includingovernightinbound touriststo797,400passengers, an increaseof 5.59%, day tripsinbound tourists340,100passengers, anincrease of7.80%of the total tourismrevenue29.283 billion yuan, the domestictourism revenue24.57 billion yuan, an increase of20.33%;inboundtourism earned$ 760 million, an increase of3.97%.