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Xiamen named the most beautiful roads leading crane road roundabout way recommended list

Date: 2013-07-23

Over the past few days, whether it is the newspaper 968,820 readers hotline, or letters, emails, websites and recommend, Island Road have become citizens recommended favorite.Jiang said that members of the public, not just a simple way around the island road, it "marvelous" - each section of the road will have a different view.Hui people are saying, is a roundabout way wanghai Kikunami Mountain View ribbon area."At the roundabout way to the sea side, the" Gulangyu the wave "," ocean meditation music "," big oars tell "," choice "," vitality "," waves flower "," my mother took me to swim, "" Marathonsculpture "and other different styles of sculptures around the sea this center, showing the vitality of Xiamen City." As of yesterday, 18 o'clock, the support rate soared roundabout way, way more than the other candidates, the most beautiful roads temporarily in the first listA.

Some of the usual path is not of public concern, such as the crane road, it is the first time the list.One resident said, Baihe Road "through" the old city's most a long romance."Heard old people say, here in the past with 'crane Shimoda' the beautiful scenery, but now like a garden-like poetic, thanks to the style of this trail on both sides of the Grand Bauhinia flower and Phoenix, old villas and cafes dotted matchedinto a fun, adding the entire road of times past Yat rhyme. "

Organizers said yesterday that the public vote will be held at 18:00 on July 26 deadline whole.Please pay close attention to the last days of the time the people voted in support of the most beautiful roads in my mind.Expert review will be the fastest will be held next week, when the organizers will invite planning, municipal gardens, and other related experts and scholars jury, together with the people voting, a comprehensive scoring, score the top ten candidates for road win.

Organizers remind the public, will be held in the experts before, to seize the last time by mail, telephone, website, email, microblogging and other ways to continue the minds of the most beautiful roads for their own cheers.

Recommended for participation in voting member of the public, the organizers will be taken after the event from which the lucky readers, prizes, the highest award for the IPAD MINI.It is reported that the lucky readers will first prize one, prizes for IPAD MINI; second prize, third prize 5.

Sound public

Zhang Xiaoying: Island Road and culture has strongly recommended road.Xiamen is a roundabout way bronzing business card is a lot of foreigners will go to Xiamen Tourism classical path.Accompanied by the sea all the way there, trees dancing with one of southern scenery.20 years ago I went to Zhuhai, they have a roundabout way, I was envious, we also have in Xiamen, and more beautiful.

Qiu Wendong: Recommended roundabout way, here are the longest stave musical sculptures, like the beating of the notes, giving a beauty.

Qun Red: Man had the most beautiful road is a road in Xiamen, a distance nearly tours are painting, walking scene change, Herbs lush, verdant mountains, seductive nourishing the heart.

Yellow Water Root: Recommended set irrigation Road, this road green is good, people coming and going, connecting the irrigation port, Xinglin, Jimei, is an important transportation hub.