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Concern: This summer tourism consumption has three new demands

Date: 2013-07-24

"A send (Rigby) Red, (meson months) down the mountain, autumn (Rigby) rain, (meson months) lingering cotton ......" in Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province, Ye Ping Jiang Mian ruins scenic Red River pier,Visitors under the scorching sun, wearing a Red dress performing "Farewell."

With the arrival of summer, Ruijin major tourist attractions unusually hot red.In the well shazhouba scenic red, Xiamen Tsang his wife, children and parents come to visit.He told reporters: "3 years ago, had been there, I did not expect Ruijin red tourism in recent years such a big change." Just a scenic previously shazhouba lipstick wells, site of Mao Zedong's former residence and major ministries, scenic content relatively simple.Now shazhouba scenic area expanded by 2 times, a new "mass line Square", "colorful Fukuda," red culture melt in one area with green, red on that period of history so that visitors have a more intuitive understanding, but also to touristsmore and better physical and mental satisfaction.

Ye Ping worked in the area for 15 years red commentator Yang Lishan said that 10 years ago, even in high season, one day received a handful of tourists, and now a lot more scenic instructors, summer vacation, each person received a daily average of more than 10 batches,most of the day received 15 batches of tourists.

In Ruijin City Tourism Bureau Deputy Director for over 20 years constricted Chang Chung talked about major changes in Ruijin red tourism deep emotion.He told reporters that the city's investment of nearly 200 million yuan of funds to enhance the site of the former residence of red culture, creating major scenic theme red culture, such as the floor in leaf area, with "A single spark can start a prairie fire" as the theme, the construction of "a SovietConference "exhibition and other red new landscape.Today, the "Red ancient capital" has become a resounding national red tourism brand.

Xiamen: scientific layout island tour

Xiamen is a bay city, tourism showing a "heat island, off the island cold" dual structure of the state.Visitors are mostly concentrated in Gulangyu Island Road, South Putuo Temple, Huli Hill Fort and other places.Scenic island smaller body mass, Xiamen Island 139 km2 more than 41 million annual tourists trips.

In comparison, the 1432 square kilometers of the island more and larger regional area.Xiamen old scenic advantage in play at the same time, pay attention to nurturing new area, depth tour guide.New build Park Bo Yuan and other traditional cultures and garden tours, Tongan "Fangte Magic Kingdom" entertainment tour, "cologne sauce Cultural Park" Donglin "Firefly" energy parks and other industrial tourist spot.

Xiamen Tourism Bureau Huang Guobin said outside the island to promote tourism integration, and promote inter-island development, the purpose is to high-density scattered all Xiamen island visitors.Xiamen tourism blueprint for the future will form a "point, tape, film," fused to achieve outside the island tourism integration.

Points, namely a punctate distribution of high-quality tourist scenic spots, such as Gulangyu Wanshi Botanical Garden, Huli Hill Fort, Ao Park; band that zonal coastal recreational areas, business conference and exhibition, hotel resort, etc., such as Island Road- Wuyuan Bay leisure belt, leisure belt Haicang Bay, Central, East Sea hotel group leisure belt, leisure belt Tingxi health spa etc.; films, namely patchy distribution, mainly to promote the construction of small towns Tongan tourism, promote the construction of cross-strait Featurestourist town such as Dadeng town Xiang'an new Weizhen, Haicang East Corfu town and so on.

Huang Guobin said that the future will further lead to the development of the inter-island broader regional development, good tourist city of Sha Zhangquan other regional tourism cooperation work to build the "big Xiamen tourism circle."

Sichuan: travel safety concern

"I have heard to be held in August Xichang 'longest ever' Torch Festival, ready to bring the kids to learn to experience one." Ms. Zhang, who lives in Chengdu, Sichuan Jinjiang District, told reporters.This trip she was most concerned about is the safety issue, "Iasi high-speed long distance, ramps and more; Torch Festival visitors focused and will not happen stampede; fires prevention in place yet?" Ms. Zhang breath liststhree are most concerned about security issues.

In this Torch Festival, the "security" is just one of the organizers adhere to the five principles, which is the focus of the most interesting summer tourism.In this regard, several cities and prefectures in Sichuan Province have taken timely and effective preventive emergency measures.

For summer rainstorm and flood disasters have occurred, Zigong City Tourism Bureau Foreign Affairs repeatedly stressed to travel agents, tour suspension has been released into the rainstorm red, yellow warning area, has signed a travel contract shall immediately notify visitors handle league procedures.Meishan City requires multi-sectoral linkage to prevent summer tourism market security risks.In addition, the summer has always been Jiuzhaigou tourist season, as early as before the start of the holidays, summer Aba had carried out a comprehensive investigation and security risk.

It is noteworthy that at a time when the summer, students travel enthusiasm increased sharply, many parents have to give their children enrolled in various activities organized by travel agencies.However, in the less regulated tourism market, students should pay attention to its own security.Insiders suggest that the lack of many tourism projects to consider safety factors, with rafting and island tours are closely related to wade summer tourist traffic accidents are a common type.In addition, parents and students should pay attention to safety in tourism prevention and self-protection, such as the hotel where safekeeping valuables when you want to find out whether students buy travel insurance for travel agents promise items are insured for tourists, should the contractclearly reflected.